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Ava Kennedy
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RE/MAX 100


 I have lived in the Northern Virginia all of my life.  I rode horses where Burke Centre is now!  I remember when downtown Burke was the Post Office, the Fire Station, Mr. Brown's Gas Station and the Handy Dandy .   I live in Fairfax Station and often remember hearing the Lorton Prison sirens.  Now of course, Lorton Prison is developed and there is a Prison Museum and wonderful Workhouse Art Center.

Real Estate has been my primary career for over 20 years.  I have seen many changes in that time period.  Not only geographically, but the change in buyers and sellers.  The internet has provided an abundance of information.  Research is fine, but a professional is who you need to complete the transaction.  

I take pride in my profession.  I am continually taking classes to remain up to date in this changing market.  I am honest and advise my clients  as if they were family.  

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, I have your best interest in mind.

Remember, a house is  probably the most expensive item you will buy or sell.  Don't trust this investment to someone without experience. You need the strength of an agent who knows the market and has the ability to help you through a smooth transition.

RE/MAX 100 5501 Backlick Rd #100 Springfield, VA 22151 703-864-8808
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